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Reduce your breakdown costs and extend the life cycle of your system! A training simulator is used to train operators, maintenance staff, new employees and other staff working with the system. Adequate training with a virtual system results in shorter downtimes and a longer life cycle for the plant. This means that you are saving a lot more than a training simulator will cost you.

Powerspex sheet Trainingsimulator


Our training simulator has plenty of training and breakdown options to test and increase the experience, response speed and accuracy of employees. The trainer plays a central role, he/she determines the scenarios and fault messages by creating them for the system involved.

The training simulator is developed by the R&D department of Powerspex based on many years of experience in the implementation of energy processes and mathematical models for a large range of boilers. The training simulators are developed in-house with standard web server technology, which means that they can simulate a complete DCS system or HMI-PLC system, including the various remote operational locations.

This simulator software is also used in our projects as an appropriate tool to test functionality in the design phase of projects before building an actual system. This prevents many problems during commissioning and significantly reduces the lead time from engineering to implementation of the controls in the hardware.

For which systems?
In principle, we can make a simulator for any system. The options available to the trainer are divided into scenarios and signal faults in controls, process models and hardware components.

Scenarios are pre-programmed signal/time models, based on which a start process condition and a specific procedure will develop.

Training Simulators can be supplied by Powerspex in 3 categories:

1) Standard simulator
2) Plausible simulator
3) One-to-one training simulator, which for reasons like real start & stop times (unchangeable) and development costs is often not feasible.


The standard simulator includes all functional components necessary to learn the actions of a system. However, the process simulation is not based on the system of the customer and the operator control is made according to our own standard. This gives an ideal operation, without any hidden errors, and the status of the simulation is always exactly displayed.

The plausible simulator takes it all one step further. The actual control screen is as much as possible reconstructed in the simulator, and the functional software of the primary process and process simulation are based on the system of the customer. The operating and visualisation screens give a realistic picture of the actual system. The only difference is the provision of the data from the system with the simplifications in the dynamic model of the system.

Are you interested in the feasibility of a training simulator for your system?

Please make a no-obligation appointment for an introduction and/or first inventory of your process. You can contact one of our specialists at +3174 – 851 56 66.

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