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The project

So far,the boiler systems at Twence were cleaned by means of an explosive cleaning session. This explosive cleaning system had to be replaced by 5 Shock Pulse Generators (SPGs). In a pilot at line 1, the shock pulse generators were applied with success and now line 2 had to be changed over to this system.


The assignment

Initially Powerspex was responsible for carrying out the electro-technical work on the SPGs. The panels, materials and documentation were to be supplied by another (foreign) company and had to be placed and installed by Powerspex.

It soon became clear that the materials supplied were not fully in accordance with the correct (Dutch) standards and the panels were adjusted in the workshop so that they did comply with the correct standards.



The result is that, together with the mechanical subcontractor and Twence, we have created a fully working system, which complies with Dutch regulations.

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