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After two years of hard work the Aberthaw Simulator build project is coming to an end and we’re moving into the utilisation phase. Our in house magazine recently ran an article on the project thanking those involved and I wanted to express my personal thanks to the small team at Aberthaw and Powerspex who have kept slogging away fine tuning the product to deliver the fidelity required. The project contains 19 preprogrammed scenario models with a random selection button to allow operators to test their reactions to emergency situations without input from a trainer. It also has interesting features such as real-time furnace cameras and voice over audio files to listen to before attempting scenarios. Sessions can be recorded and replayed as required for training and coaching purposes.

The remarkable thing about this project is that it’s been managed by a team at Aberthaw on a part time basis working on the project as well as delivering on their shift operations work commitments. The project teams ‘never give up’ approach is a great example of our departmental values of teamwork, perseverance, trust and ownership being put into practice. Thanks to Andy, Ian and the shift teams at Aberthaw and Jan, Johan, Thijs, Adrian, Niek and the Team at Powerspex.


Dave Southall

1st Shift Manager Aberthaw Power Station

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