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Scope: PCS7 Upgrade V7.1 SP2 to V9.0 SP2


From the Diemen central control location, the district heating is controlled for Amsterdam ZO, Diemen, and Almere this heat is generated and transferred at various locations in Diemen, Amsterdam ZO and Almere.

Due to obsolescence of the server hardware and the Microsoft Windows operating system, the client is forced to replace the server setups of the various locations.

The Servers of the Siemens PCS7 V7.1 SP2 systems are still based on Windows Server 2003. Therefore, the intention is to migrate the whole automation to new server hardware with Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and the version of Siemens PCS7 to be upgraded to V9.0 SP2.

The starting point, from a technical point of view, is to upgrade these locations one by one.

Processes that are hydraulically coupled must be carried out within the same phase as much as possible so that alarm messages end up in the same alarm list.


Assignment Powerspex:

Powerspex has migrated and commissioned multiple multi-projects from V7.1 SP2 to V9.0 SP2 without compromising the heat supply.

The scope of the project was:

  • 8 Multi-projects, for 8 heat generating locations, consisting of multiple redundant OS and single OS servers
  • 11 AS (Single and redundant)
  • Exchange of 3 redundant AS to 410 CPU’s
  • Exchange and setup/configure of at least 20 IPC’s
  • Exchange OpenPCS7 station, OPC tunneler and Firewall
  • Exchange timeserver and setup time management in a Windows domain
  • Commissioning of a redundant domain controller



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