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The project

In the future SVP will produce heat using a new biomass heating system (BHS), an auxiliary heating system taken over from NUON and a second auxiliary heating system to be built. This ensures that SVP is able to develop into an integral heating company, with chain optimisation of the heat production up to the delivery to end users. SVP has made the heat production in Purmerend very sustainable and has guaranteed the delivery of heat to its customers.


The assignment

Powerspex will supply and install a Supervisory Control System (SCS), an overall control system for the heat distribution to different locations of Stadsverwarming Purmerend B.V. The project will consist of designing, programming, installing and commissioning the SCS for heat production. Powerspex will base the system on a Siemens PCS7 system. To create the software, we will use the PCS7 Advanced Process Library (APL).

Powerspex will also automate the sites taken over from NUON so that they can be incorporated in the SCS. This will include reviewing its current status for unmanned operation.

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