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Renovating the measurement, control and automation system of the cogeneration plant, in cooperation with and upon instruction of Wolter & Dros.


The assignment

The Academic Hospital produces its own electricity and heat using a cogeneration plant, also called a combined heat and power plant (gas turbine, boiler, steam turbine). This system was installed in the 1990s and is controlled using compact regulators and relay systems, etc. It is out of date and the user needs a modern system with a PLC for all its functions and operation via screens.

The PLC system Siemens S7FH, combining a high degree of protection with a high degree of availability, is used and the control takes place with the protocol visualisation system.


Powerspex knowledge

Basic Engineering
Process knowledge, energy technology

Detailed Engineering
Electrical, measurement and control technology, PI&Ds, loop diagrams, instrumentation lists

Engineering Tools
PLC software (Siemens S7), visualisation technology protocols.



Within 6 months, the operation and automation of the system has been completely renewed and now complies with all the requirements.

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