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Scope: Renewal automation system and change of concept


For the district heating of Eindhoven the automation has been sold together with certain production assets.

After the takeout the location consists of 3 directly controlled boilers feeding two heat transfer systems for the main supply, the water facility as well as an adjacent biomass plant where the energy outtake is controlled, combined with 3 heat storage buffers.

In order to keep the facilities operational all automation is new designed in Siemens PCS7 V9.0 SP1, connecting to the existing field instruments and switchboards.

The control will take place in a remote general control room, with a minimal on site interference.

During the design special attention is required for an optimal availability of production capacity, due to the need of constant heat supply to the customers.

In the near future a shift of production assets from serial to parallel production will cause a redistribution of automation throughout several AS.


Assignment Powerspex:

Powerspex has to design and set up the new Siemens PCS7 system and automation layout for the entire plant, including communication infrastructure.

The local production, heat intake from other facilities, heat storage and release as well as the transportation to the final customers and the water management has to be incorporated in this automation system.

The project is set up in Siemens PCS7 V9.0 SP1 with a scope of:

  • Single ES/OS station
  • Single OS station
  • Redundant server
  • Time server
  • OPC client for data exchange
  • Redundant AS for common cause control
  • 4 x Single AS for production assets
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