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Scope: Total automation of turn-key bio-energy plant


Our costumer Stork Thermeq delivers a turn-key bio-energy plant for the Industriepark de Kleefse Waard in Arnhem (IPKW).  IPKW supplies heat to 2 different existing district heating networks, electricity and steam at 3 different pressure levels and temperatures to the different clients on the IPKW.

The installation has to be designed for a safe and fully automatic unmanned operation.

The control and SCADA system will be integrated in the Siemens PCS7 system at site IPKW. Permanent monitoring and communications with the overall SCADA system is needed.

If any redundant item failures, automatic take over by the redundant component or back-up system is mandatory. This means no human interference is needed to start-up the redundant installation. Furthermore attention has to be given in which AS system (existing ones and the new one) the control action has to be done to optimize availability of the total installation  (IPKW, K13 , existing steam headers and feed water systems).

The installation must be connected to the existing power supplies of Veolia.


Assignment Powerspex:

The existing Siemens PCS7 system is extended by Powerspex with a new AS 410 Station for the new Biomass Power Plant. But some parts, due to the availability of the total system, are included in the existing stations.

The existing system was based on version 8.0 of the PCS7 system. For the new Biomass Power Plant Veolia has already decided to use version 9.0. This upgrade is also done by Powerspex as another project.

All automation of the biomass plant is done by Powerspex consisting of:

  • Wood transport
  • Boiler combustion automation including the boiler safety system.
  • Ash transport
  • Soot blowers
  • Water/ steam system
  • Communication with several systems (Steam turbine, SNCR, Bag Filter, Backup Boiler)
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