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Complete solutions various combinations Ex d / Ex e / Ex i / Ex p

Powerspex has a certified quality system that complies with the regulations  for the production of products that are located in a hazardous area (ISO-IEC 80079-34:2018).

This enables us to assemble very diverse products that are suitable for various zonings.


Enclosure (SS316 or GRP)

  • certified cabinet 2G/D Ex-e-U

Build in materials:

  • PLC materials (Remote I/O etc)
    certified PLC materials 3G Ex-ec or 3G Ex-nA (or 1/2G)
  • Intrinsicallysafe barriers (Isolater/Zener)
    certified barrier materials 3G Ex-ec or Ex-nA (or 1/2/3G)
  • Enclosures Ex-d
    certified cabinet 2G Ex-d-U
  • Valve materials
    certified valve materials 3G Ex-ec or Ex-nA (or 1/2G)
  • Actuaters, pushbuttons, contactors and MCB/RCD’s
    certified actuators and pushbuttons 2G Ex-de
  • Terminals, certified terminals 2G Ex-e –U or Ex-nA-U (or 2/3G)
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