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We frequently carry out the basic engineering of a site, based on our many years of experience and being specialised in process automation.

We hereby support customers during each stage of the project, from a feasibility study to the functional design, and are in a position to do so because Powerspex has people specialising in each of these subjects. To provide good advice, a basic knowledge is required of the laws and regulations, project experience, process skills, knowledge of standards and specifications, system knowledge, practical knowledge of installation, testing and commissioning, local requirements and relationships with suppliers who can join in the realisation of a project.

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The expertise of Powerspex is often deployed for various studies. A number of examples of studies, which we have carried out or are working on at the moment are:

NUON District Heating System Utrecht: optimising the production units for the district heating system in Utrecht and Almere to achieve an as efficient as possible operation.

AVR Duiven: improving the turbine blowdown control to prevent the low-pressure turbine from receiving too little cooling and still achieve a stable operation. This study is being carried out with our simulation platform.

AEB Amsterdam: research into the cause of the fire, which took place in the electrical room of the incineration lines 21 and 22.

Aviko Steenderen: a feasibility study of the possibilities of using biogas in one of the boilers.

DSM Geleen: optimising the fuel/air control of a direct-fired boiler. The boiler tripped out regularly due to the lambda ratio.

Suikerunie Vierverlaten: study into the optimum use of the power plant and the use of the various process installations. The study was carried out with our own simulation platform.

Because we are confronted by new requirements, regulations, state-of-the-art technology and specifications on a daily basis during the implementation of our projects, and because we can draw from so many examples, we are able to draw up tender specifications that will meet all your requirements. During this process, we can make use of all our technical and commercial standards drawn up in the last 20 years. Examples of tender specifications we have drawn up are:

Waste incineration installation Omrin: for this project Powerspex has drawn up the tender specification for the automation, instrumentation, installation and commissioning. Firstly, we detailed the European tendering criteria and project definition, followed by the technical and commercial specifications in close cooperation with electrical, process, mechanical and civil engineers, and finally, we organised the publication. The system has now been running for a few years and the automation was awarded to Siemens.

District Heating System Purmerend: we have drawn up the tender specifications for the automation of the district heating system, consisting of various energy production units. We detailed the basic automation concept, and the controls were tested through our simulation platform before the tender was awarded.

NEM Hengelo/Zoeterwoude: in the past few years, we have provided the technical knowledge for various tender specifications for automation, instrumentation and installation. Examples are power stations in Turkey, Portugal, Egypt, Oman and Canada.

Since a few years, a SIL analysis has become required as part of the Machinery Directive and, as we have been encountering SIL analyses, HAZOP studies and risk analyses in the energy sector since the 1990s, we are able to use our expertise to respond to the growing demand for help with these studies.

We can take care of the complete trajectory of the HAZOP, the detailing and follow-up of the resulting action points, the risk analysis, and the SIL classification right up to the SIL authentication. Examples of HAZOP studies carried out by us recently for various customers for new construction projects are:

Campina Borculo -Pyrolysis boiler;
ADM Europoort– two gas turbine waste heat boilers;
HKB/Dalkia Amer power plant District heating  Amer– four new hot-water boilers;
Elementis Delden– complete boiler room;
VU Amsterdam Wolter & Dros – new boiler room;
Parenco Renkum– expansion of the steam system.

Powerspex develops its own software and it regularly occurs that a customer wants to use his preferred supplier for the programming of the automation system. In such a case, we often deal with the functional design. We use our simulation platform, so that the basic controls can be tested before we use them, which drastically improves the quality of the software. We also notice that when the operation is shown to the software engineer via the simulation platform communication becomes easier as the operation and requirements are immediately clear.

For the NEM, we annually draw up various functional design packages for the automation of energy systems. For this type of project, we prefer to involve the software engineer before and during the preparation of the design, and especially to coordinate the design with him from the start and test the first typical together. Sometimes this is not possible because the functional design is part of a tender package.

Recently we have drawn up functional design specifications for:

Stork Thermeq – the logic and control of a burner system for Shell Dubai;

NEM USA – the logic and control for a 250 MW HRSG with co-firing;

NUON District Heating System Utrecht – the complete technical specifications for the control of all production units, which are able to supply heat to the district heating network of Utrecht, approx. 50 units. This functional design was made with our simulation platform, enabling us to extensively optimise and adjust the available design.

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