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A High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) is a system used to prevent the pressure in a pipeline exceeding the maximum allowable operating pressure. A HIPPS is often installed in oil & gas export lines and sometimes in flow lines which must be prevented from exposure to high pressure. These pressures may be presented by wells, which when closed in can attain a Closed In Tubing Head Pressure (CITHP) which well exceeds downstream pipe specifications.

Functionally, a HIPPS is a very basic device: in case of a high pressure, it shuts one or multiple valves. These valves may be actuated with hydraulics, pneumatics or electrical power.

A HIPPS is frequently considered as an alternative to mechanical means to prevent excess pressure, such as relief valves, which may be quite costly. It will be clear that requirements on both the Safety Integrity Level and the availability of a HIPPS are extreme. For SIL levels up to and including SIL-3 we can provide a solution. We have supplied HIPPS system for offshore locations, both surface mounted and incorporated in systems located on the seabed. We are familiar with the environmental and practical constraints posed by subsea installations as well as with the effects of shockwaves emerging from rapid valve closure.

High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS)

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