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We occupy ourselves with the design and construction of Safety Instrumented Systems. The term Functional Safety Management (“FSM”) is used to describe the processes, systems and (organizational) controls that guide the design and construction of Safety Instrumented Systems. The processes and systems required as a minimum are described in IEC 61508, the international standard for the development of Safety Instrumented Systems or “Electrical/ Electronic/ Programable Electronic Systems that perform a Safety Function”, as they are known in terms of the standard.

The “sister” standard IEC 61511 is derived from IEC 61508 and is applicable specifically to the process industry. As these standards are the norm with many of the customers that we supplies to, we have adopted these standards for our project execution and management processes. These processes have been assessed for compliance with IEC 61508 and have been certified by an independent third party.

Within the context of IEC 61508, the design and construction of a Safety Instrumented System constitutes the “realization” phase of the Functional Safety Management lifecycle:



Safety lifecycle according to IEC 61508 “E/E/PES” stands for Electrical/ Electronic/ Programmable Electronic System, also known as Safety Instrumented System. Source: IEC 61508 (1998).

We have detailed exactly how we realize the E/E/PES or Safety Instrumented System, how we plan for it, how we manage scope changes, how we control quality and how we verify and validate the system. We are happy to share our standards and show how they connect to your requirements of the functionality and to your maintenance philosophy.

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