A new construction project in which all the E&I expertise of Powerspex is brought together: from basic engineering, detailed engineering, panel construction, software and installation up to commissioning. Powerspex is a ‘one-stop shop’ for its clients.

In 2015, Powerspex was approached by Stork STQ about a closer collaboration between the two companies. For Stork it has been decisive that Powerspex has the required E&I expertise, something which Stork needs for both small and large projects. Stork STQ sees Powerspex as a ‘one-stop shop’ and an equal partner in all E&I matters. In 2016, this has lead to a collaboration for a new construction project of a high-pressure steam boiler for the end customer Sabic in the UK.


The assignment

The Stork STQ assignment has many E&I aspects:

  • Instrumentation: to specify and dimension the appropriate instruments, flow measurements and control valves, supported by calculations made in Conval. As well as to support the purchasing department of STQ in the evaluation of the offers made by suppliers.
  • Hardware engineering: to prepare and produce various documents for the implementation, such as block diagrams, terminal box specifications, cable lists, instrument data sheets, instrument lists, I/O lists, hook-ups, equipment situation diagrams, connection typicals, etc.
  • Panel construction: to design, manufacture and test a burner operating panel BMS, based on a HIMA HiQaud security PLC.
  • Software Engineering: to design a functional description and control circuit specification for the Emerson DCS system. To produce the system description of the boiler protection (BMS system). To program the BMS through the HIMA software program ELOPII. To test the BMS software through the simulation software PsX-CAD developed by Powerspex. To carry out FAT and communication tests with the end customer.
  • Safety Engineering: to provide input during HAZOP meetings with the client and end customer. To produce the SIL authentication and SIF calculation.
  • Installation: to install the cables and instrument tubing for the gas skids supplied by Stork STQ, including Megger tests for the cabling and leak tests for the tubing.



A satisfied customer.

Powerspex has realised its ‘one-stop shop’ philosophy and has carried out the tasks entrusted to Powerspex to a high quality and within the time limit.

The cooperation has been a very pleasant experience for both Stork as well as Powerspex and is certainly worth repeating. The pooling of the knowledge of both parties, in particular, has resulted in a good and sturdy design.