NV NUON Energy awarded the contract for the renewal of the operating systems for heat transfer, heat transfer stations and auxiliary heat plants for the heating plant in Utrecht to Powerspex, including the automation of the electro-technical and control-technical components.


The assignment

NUON wanted to work with the 800xA and 800F systems of ABB, whereby the 800xA system would be used as a SCADA system and the 800F system as a redundant PLC system. Based on this, Powerspex detailed a new control concept in which extensive availability is a priority.

Nuon Schema


The entire district heating system of Utrecht can be operated at the central unit in Merwedekanaal by one operator using 6 screens. At this location, there are also two large screens showing the entire network.

The PLC systems are located at various sites, and each of these also has a workstation from which the site can be operated. All sites are connected through a redundant fibre optic Ethernet connection.

To increase the availability of the system, a number of components have been made redundant. Including the Profibus connection with the different pumps. These are connected through a redundant fibre optic Profibus connection.