Powerspex has a long-standing relationship with Twence and we continuously carry out works for Twence. This can be annually recurring maintenance work, but also specific projects. We have played an important role in the construction of the biomass plant and the expansion of line 3, for instance.

The assignment

Following the build of line 1 and line 2, Powerspex made all existing P&IDs as built and created various new P&IDs of systems that were unmapped. We currently manage the P&IDs, including the electrical packages (E-Plan) of various auxiliary systems (burners, cleaning system, etc.), which are also made by us as built and managed. Any adjustments and additions are carried out by us on the P&ID.

We also created an instrumentation maintenance and calibration system for maintenance and shutdown work. This system is used to prepare the annual shutdown, to create work packages, to collect all calibration work and to record the history of this work.

Powerspex coordinated the E&I build during the construction of line 3. For approximately 2 years, 2 employees provided assistance regarding the installation and automation, and Powerspex became the intermediary between de Lot suppliers and the automation provider Siemens. All control diagrams, logic diagrams, descriptions and other proposals for the automation were assessed and then discussed with the various parties. During the FAT, testing and the cold and hot commissioning all functionalities were tested and commissioned. Powerspex provided assistance for the acquisitions and completing the snag list.

An employee of Powerspex also coordinated and monitored the contracts for the installation of the systems.

We furthermore carried out the coordination of the installation and automation for the biomass power plant just before the build of line 3, and the detailed engineering for a large part of the wiring. Together with the supplier, two of our detailed engineers have provided assistance to small groups of technicians during the wiring.


The combi-digester is a pilot and is used for the fermentation of organic residual material in a combined master and secondary digester (wet fermentation line). We have been involved in this project from the start, assisting with the engineering of this electrical installation and choosing the instrumentation. The control panels are built direct into a container next to our workshop and the software in-house. After delivery of the panels and software, we started with the wiring on site, followed by testing and commissioning the entire I/O installation.


The result is that Powerspex is a great partner for Twence with experience in working with its system. We can offer fast and very efficient help during service and maintenance work. We can also quickly respond to all types of requests from Twence for optimisation, changes and looking after the as-built system. Examples of recent years are changes in the heat input of the deNOx (remove burners) and the hot water supply to third parties.