The Amer Heat Solutions project aims to safeguard the heat supply to the Amer district heating network. In the previous situation, the power plants Amer 8 and Amer 9 provided the largest part of the heat supply for the district heating network. Because it has been decided to withdraw Amer 8 from operation, a new backup installation was built. This backup installation consists of 4 hot water boilers with a thermal capacity of 40MW, which are able to take over a large part of the heat supply when Amer 9 stops working. The boilers can also be used as auxiliary capacity at times when Amer 9 is unable to cover the entire demand for heat in the city.



We designed and built a control and MCC panel for each of the hot water boilers, which are used to control the operation of the boilers. We used a Siemens S7-315 PLC, an automatic burner relay and an HMI touch panel to visualise the process. Besides controls for the operation of each boiler, we also realised a general control system. The general control system consists of a flow control to determine when and which boilers must be started, stopped, heated or be placed on hot-standby when multiple boilers are in operation at the same time.

For the local control of the boilers, 3 operator workstations are installed in the boiler room. To be able to operate the boiler room unmanned, a network communication system was created with the Alstom SCADA system in Eindhoven. This makes it possible to operate the boilers also from the central unit.