The company NEM Leiden has been contracted by Siemens for two large 3-pressure-level systems with reheat waste gas boilers for the end user Enecogen. Powerspex has been contracted for all the E&I work on site, consisting of the wiring, electrical tracing, permanent lighting and installing the instruments, and connecting the entire system.


The assignment

The assignment includes:

  • installing more than 200 instruments for each boiler;
  • connecting the instruments;
  • the electrical tracing of these connections (more than 3,000 meters of so-called tube bundles);
  • installing approximately 10,000 meters of heating cables;
  • installing and connecting approximately 8,000 meters of instrument cables;
  • installing and connecting approximately 15,000 meters of supply cables;
  • installing and connecting approximately 500 meters of earthing cables;
  • installing approximately 1,000 meters of cable duct, ranging from W200 to W800;
  • assembling and installing 20 low voltage distribution boxes;
  • testing and commissioning.



Both boilers were completed around the middle of 2011.